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The tv manipulates the excessive

I'm the type of man who does not like to look at the tv, but that most follow, shallow, some tv shows, some news or shows broadcast on a television program whether I like it or that it has a title on the internet what piques his interest. Many times I get caught in some stories apparently stupid and watch episode after episode, either on Youtube or on other channels that broadcast in the replay the tv, and then I realize that I don't like it, just that I was caught “forced” in the thread of the story and I'm interested in the outcome. I chose to give up TV when I began to have discernment, when I realized that the TV delivers only misery, only materials which have as their purpose the guidance of a large mass of people towards a particular thing. Let's not talk about the hundreds of thousands of movies with sex what you are running, maybe not literally, but most of them have an impact weird on young people, have a sexual with a lot more than what should be accepted on some of the national networks, stations which can be traced for any kind of person in our country. The tv that fucks, the internet but it is something else, here you have the freedom to choose exactly what you need to digest what you like, you can find many more interesting things to the internet, those who produce content or that make the news, in general, are smart people, people who understand that tv is not what we all want, but we're looking to get our dose of news, entertainment or relaxation in a different place, a place where we can be masters, us to choose what we like and what not. I waste so much time on the internet chasing news can-can or tv shows like “Island of love”, but just before I go to sleep, even if I'm wrong, I feel guilty that I lost that time I could watch something from which to learn a lesson.

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